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Can you believe it?

Updated: May 14

Can you believe that we raised over $80,000 this year at Looking Forward Giving Back?

A big, BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made it out, bid on all of the incredible work, volunteered their time, and donated to make the night such a success! We were so proud of our mentees and all of the amazing work they created just for this event— they were beaming!A special shout out to our guests of honor Nigel Poor, artist and Ear Hustle host, and Ezra Zimmer, artist and First Exposures' mentee, for sharing with us the power of photography, creative expression, and mentorship.

Thanks to Rikki Ward & Nate Love for photographing LFGB 2024!

Just two weeks before LFGB, we learned some difficult news: Due to city budget cuts, we didn't receive the funding that would've drastically helped to sustain and scale our programs. But you all, our community, came through to not just show us your love and support, but to say: Funding youth art is vital to the Bay Area.

We cannot thank you enough for your support!


Thank you to Looking Forward Giving Back's

Host Committee & our Generous Sponsors:


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