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Diving Deep

Photo by Andrew Gold. Taken on a Nikonos.

It's pretty clear that Jennifer Tom and Andrew Gold share a love of water. They also happen to love dogs. Andrew can often be found with his favorite companion, Shorty, and Jennifer volunteers at the local shelter and the SPCA. It's photography, though, that first brought them together. They worked as mentor and mentee for over 3 years and recently reunited in the color darkroom to print Jennifer's photo, Breathe (below). 

Photo by Jennifer Tom. Taken on a Nikonos underwater film camera.

As a superstar Underwater Hockey athlete (check it out, it's real!), Jennifer spends a lot of time in the water, which is something Andrew, an avid surfer, can understand. Breathe "was inspired by the feeling of relief when I can get in the pool and let the world wash away." 

The image was taken with 35 mm color film on a Nikonos underwater film camera - a graduation gift from Andrew to Jennifer when she finished high school last year that combines her love of water and her love of photography. From her first snapshots in the flower market to  her first artist book, Lane Lines, Jennifer has found a way to merge creative expression and everyday life. "It's so great to see how she's evolved as an artist," said Andrew. 

Although her official time as a mentee ended in 2018, Jennifer has been an invaluable Junior Mentor this past year, teaching photo skills, washing prints, and prepping lunch for hungry mentees and volunteers. Andrew has continued as a part-time mentor in the program and full-time photographer. The two were able to carve out a few hours to come together and print this breathtaking photo for the Looking Forward, Giving Back silent art auction. 

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